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Popup Calendar Control

Been working on a popup calendar "control" to use in my admin systems. This is a test page I've set up for demonstration purposes. When you click the "..." button a small popup calendar will open with the entered date selected. Select another date—click the date and then the button, or double-click the date—and the selected date will be entered in the date field. If the date field is blank, the calendar will default to the current date.

Test Date Field:

It uses a rather complicated mixture of PHP, JavaScript and CSS, but it's written so that the complicated stuff is done in PHP on the server side, so it should work on older browsers. I've tested it in Netscape 4+ and MSIE 5+ without a problem. It's fairly self-contained, there's a JavaScript function and a calendar button to place in your form, and a single PHP page for the calendar popup.

If you want to use it on your site, I'll trade you the source code for $10 or a link on your site. Drop me a line at

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