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QRule On-screen Rule for Windows

QRule is a handy, little, stay-on-top, straight line rule to aid in design and layout of web pages, printed materials, application interfaces, desktops, etc. Also useful for plotting distances and angles on maps and satellite images.

QRule is easy to configure and adjust to give you a straight line, at any angle, that you can place precisely where you need it, anywhere on your screen. It is very small and stays on top of any application so you can work with your design and layout programs using QRule as a fully adjustable straight line reference.

Requirements: Windows 98, 2000, XP, Vista


  • Simple to set up.
  • Use with any other Windows program(s).
  • Fully configurable. Registered version can save and load configurations.
  • Precision placement guides while moving.
  • Adjustable rule width, color, ticks, length, angle...
  • Set user defined scale and units.
  • Adjustable transparency!
  • Clone multiple rules.

Download QRule

Download free evaluation version of QRule for 30 day trial. The link above will prompt you to save to your computer. After download just unzip the downloaded file and double-click Setup.exe to install QRule to your system.

Upgrade an existing installation the same way. The latest version will overwrite the existing version.

Purchase QRule by clicking the PayPal button below. Registration is $25 and entitles you to free upgrades for life!

Your registration key will be emailed to you. When you recieve it, just enter it when prompted the next time you launch QRule.

For QRule support and inquiries:

vertical or horizontal guide
Stay-on-top layout guide
measure pixels, inches, etc.
Measure in pixels, inches, or any user-defined scale
plot distances and sightlines
Plot distances, sightlines, moonrise, etc.


  • QRule was developed in VB.NET, therefore it requires the .NET Framework 2.0 (or better) installed on your computer. This file will be downloaded automatically during installation if not already present on your computer.
  • The .NET Framework is a set of tools developed to operate within the Windows operating system. All new versions of Windows ship with this preinstalled. Almost 70% of all Windows XP users have this installed, as it is installed via Windows Update if you request.

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